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Mobile is everywhere and people use their mobile devices for everything. You have an app idea and we are here to help with the planning, app design, app development, testing and finally, deployment. First question is, what is best deployment method? Native App or Web App. One can develop both native and Web app in order to widen their reach or to ensure a better user experience.

Mobile Applications Native Apps

A Native App is an application developed essentially for one particular mobile device and is installed directly onto the device itself. This has the benefit as the app is compatible with the device’s hardware and native features. Most mobile users tend to stay within the 'walled garden' and a native app gives access to those users.

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Mobile Website Web Apps

A Web App is an Internet-enabled application that relies on the browser.Since the web app exists in the browser it stays upto date. Web apps are limited in terms of features of a device that can be accessed but as the web evolves the feature support list grows.

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Mobile Marketing

The more people experience the internet through a mobile perspective rather then a desktop one. This market is no longer fringe or can be ignored and this is why mobile marketing has to be part of any strategy. PreciseCNS can develop a highly effective marketing campaign to help reach and increase your target audience.

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